Thanks For Checking Out Northern Kids - The Kids Streetwear Boutique

We're a Canadian family and company that understands the balance of keeping our kids looking awesome while being fully aware that they will grow out of their/our favourite piece in a matter of months. In our own purchasing habits we love to find that special piece to splurge on, but occasionally shop second hand to even it all out.

With our own personal experiences driving the creative process behind Northern Kids we're excited to present to you the very first NK Kids line of products. The line is streetwear inspired and 100% made in America with unique custom graphics.

In the coming weeks we will welcome into the shop Haus of JR, Beau Hudson as well as a curated collection of vintage kids clothing.

We would love to keep you updated on our journey and our product offering. We hope that you will subscribe to our email list as part of our Northern Kids family.

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