About Us

We are a Canadian family (er business, I guess) that is dedicated to keeping our kids looking fresher than the local farmers market. 

For years we owned and operated a brick and mortar Streetwear shop in the city. We put incredible emphasis searching for the right products to bring in, wanting our customers to feel like they found something special; something that they could be proud of. 

Skip ahead almost a decade. We have now had our first child, Lenox. Life changes so much when you have a kid, but as you come out of the fog of the first year of parenting, you realize that as much as life has changed, some things remain the same.

As our style icons transformed from Kanye to North, we began to observe a weird trend. People look at kids' clothing differently than they do their own. Because kids grow out of things so quickly, fast fashion retailers dominate the market. Finding clothes that we could be proud of was tough.  "The-sparkling-mommy's-girl," outfits seamed inevitable. 

We also found it very challenging to find much in North America, let alone Canada, so we went back to what was familiar. We are designing a small collection of clothing that we are incredibly proud of. Special attention is being paid to the design, fabrics, and fit for each piece to extend the amount of wear a child will get out of our clothing. We would like to start by introducing you to our Northern Kids basics program as well as our amazing brand partners. In the coming months we will share with you our experience in producing a custom clothing line that will hit our store later this year.

We are so excited about where Northern Kids is going to go and we can't thank you enough for being a part of this journey with us.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at info@northernkids.ca