Northern Currency

Northern Currency-Rewards Program

Hey all, I wanted to introduce to you the rewards program at Northern Kids, Northern Currency. Northern Currency gives points, "Alicorns," when customers interact with the store, either through purchases, sharing on social media, or referring a friend.


Sign up now and complete some of the tasks to receive $10 off on your next purchase


1000 Alicorns = $10 discount
Create a store account (+200 Alicorns)
Make an order (+1 Alicorns for every $1 spent)
Share website on Facebook (+50 Alicorns)
Like page on Facebook (+250 Alicorns)
Share website on Twitter (+50 Alicorns)
Follow on Instagram (+250 Alicorns)
Follow on Twitter (+250 Alicorns)
Refer a friend (+250 Alicorns)
Head to Northern Kids to create your account