Welcome to Northern Kids

What's up homies?

My name is Matt, my wife and I owned and operated a brick and mortar Streetwear shop in the city for years that put incredible emphasis on the products we brought in, we wanted our customers to feel like they found something special, something that they could be proud of. 

Skip a head almost a decade and we have now had Lenox, our daughter in whom we are well pleased. Life changes so much when you have a kid but as you come out of the fog that is the first year of parenting you realize that as much as life has changed some things remain the same.

As our style icons changed from Kanye to North, we began to see a weird trend. People look at kids clothing differently than they do there own, because kids grow out of things so quickly, fast fashion retailers dominate the market. Finding clothes for that we could be proud of was tough.  The, "sparkling mommy's girl," outfits seamed inevitable. 

As we searched we found it very challenging to find much in North America let alone Canada. So we went back to what was familiar.  We have designed a small collection of clothing, NK Kids, that we are incredibly proud of and we believe you will be too.  We have paid special attention to the design, fabrics, and fit of each piece to extend the amount of wear a child can get out of our clothing.  We can't thank you enough for being a part of this with us.